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About the Hotel

Boxer & Dane is a family owned full-service pet hotel inspired by our love for our fur babies. At Boxer & Dane, we aspire to improve your pet’s quality of life by providing safe, interactive, and stimulating environment during the day and equally safe but relaxing atmosphere at night.

As pet parents, we get it - it can be nerve-wracking to have to leave your beloved family member behind even for a few hours. Therefore, it is our priority to ensure that all of your pets’ needs are met and they are having the time of their lives while staying with us.

Overnight Stay (Boarding)

We offer individual rooms as well as communal sleeping options. Rooms are recommended for guests who would like some alone time at night and prefer having more personal space. Communal area is ideal for those who suffer from separation anxiety or just dislike enclosed spaces in general. Having two different sets of sleeping arrangements allows us to best accommodate individual needs of our customers and to provide maximum comfort during their stay.

Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare is a safe and fun alternative to being locked up at home alone while parents are at work or running errands. It has undeniable health benefits for all dogs but is a life-saver for puppies, high energy dogs, and those suffering from separation anxiety or destructive behavior. Boxer & Dane offers two indoor and outdoor play areas separated by guest size, allowing our guests to play, exercise, and enjoy the company of each other in a safe and stimulating manner. 

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