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We started caring for pets of friends and family back in 2009 while looking for play dates for our boxer, Leo. Seeing how welcoming and affectionate he is towards his guests and how happy it makes all of us, we decided to dedicate all of our time to dogs in our care. We have spent a great many hours studying dog behavior and educating ourselves on what makes them happy as well as on the necessary components of dog health. Thus, it became our dream to create a perfect environment for pets: environment that can truly improve pets’ lives and allow pet owners to enjoy their day knowing that their beloved family members are in great hands (and paws). Boxer & Dane is this dream come true.


In 2013 Leo passed away from a heart condition. Having to say goodbye to our baby was absolutely heartbreaking. Those who have lost a beloved pet know that no words can express the sorrow that comes with it. He showed us the true meaning of unconditional love and incessant patience and lifetime friendship. We wanted to commemorate his legacy and to honor the eternal happy memories we shared together. And we feel incredibly grateful to be able to realize everything he taught us and to carry this love for animals through Boxer & Dane.


We welcomed Knight into our family later in 2013 and were smitten by how much he resembles Leo in the way he cares for other pets. This gentle giant loves to cuddle and play with everybody he meets. It is absolutely endearing to watch him get down on the ground to lick a friend that’s ten times smaller than him. Although he has had some very big paws to fill, he definitely exceeded our expectations and became a perfect successor to his big brother, Leo.


Leo and Knight are the reason and the inspiration behind Boxer & Dane; they ARE Boxer & Dane.

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