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We offer individual rooms as well as communal sleeping options. Rooms are recommended for guests who would like some alone time at night and prefer more personal space. Communal area is ideal for those who suffer from separation anxiety or just dislike enclosed spaces in general. Having two different sets of sleeping arrangements allows us to best accommodate individual needs of our guests and to provide maximum comfort during their stay.

1 Night (until 12 p.m. of the following day) $75
5 or More Nights $70/night
10 or More Nights $65/night
Extended Stay (pick-up after 12 p.m.) $30
Holiday Stay $85/night


Online reservations are only accepted together with the full payment. Availability cannot be guaranteed until the full payment is received. Reservations are subject to requirements verification. Boxer & Dane, Inc. reserves the right to cancel the reservation at any time if any of the requirements are not met. Please contact us directly in order to confirm your online reservation and to make a payment.

Doggy Daycare fee of $30 will be charged for check-outs after 12 pm.

Additional $20 fee will be charged for check-outs after 7 pm (must be scheduled in advance).

After 8 pm, the guest would have to stay overnight at an applicable nightly rate. 

Please provide your pet's food, otherwise house food will be provided at $2.50 per meal.

Holiday Stays are non-refundable; all other reservations can be canceled up to 72 hours prior to check-in for a full refund.

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